About NPS


About NPS

About NPS

NPS is an acronym for the New Product Standards. NPS is a global leading quality and regulatory standards and technical service providers, specializes in inspection, verification, testing and certification services.

NPS is the world's first to promote environmental CE/RoHS certification (CE/REACH certification) third-party certification body, NPS has the world's environmental preponderant resources, dedicate to the rapid development of global environmental certification & testing industry, endeavor for escort the quality of human living environment.

NPS purchased the domains of WWW.RoHS.GS, WWW.REACH.GS, WWW.MSDS.GS and other domains with GS suffixes (GS is the meaning of Germany Safety, GS is the most famous certification mark in the world.) for provide more comprehensive RoHS and REACH Testing & Certification and MSDS Chemical Data Security service.


NPS -The World’s Leading RoHS Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company.


NPS - The World’s Leading Chemical Substance Inspection, Verification, Testing And Certification Company.