BSMI Certification

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BSMI Certification

BSMI Taiwan Certification

Gain mandatory BSMI certification for your products entering the Taiwanese market with our support

All products listed are subject to inspection and must be granted a certificate of conformity before sale on the Taiwanese market. The Chinese National Standards (CNS) enacted by Taiwan’s BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection), Ministry of Economic Affairs specify products to be tested. Whether manufactured locally or imported, all products must adhere to applicable safety, EMC and RoHS standards. We are recognized to provide the mandatory product testing services. Partnering with us means short lead times. Benefit from our established working relations with local authorities. Contact our experts for a quote and get BSMI certification for your products!

Detailed Information

Technical aspects




Market surveillanceYes
Factory inspectionConditionally
Sample testingYes
ValidityThe Certificate of RPC is valid for 3 years.


Product Scope

·        Information Technology Equipment (I.T.E)

·        Audio and Video devices

·        Household Appliances

·        Lamps

·        Electric Components

·        Handheld Electric Tools

BSMI RoHS Certification