China Toy Regulations GB 6675

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China Toy Regulations GB 6675

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Since January 2016, Chinacompulsory Toy Safety series Standard GB 6675 (GB 6675.1, GB 6675.2, GB 6675.3,GB 6675.4, GB 6675.12, GB 6675.13, GB 6675.14, GB 2014) began to beimplemented.GB 6675 Series standardsstipulate the basic safety requirements such as mechanical and physicalproperties of toys, flammability, chemical properties, electrical properties, hygienerequirements, radiation performance and labeling requirements, theimplementation and supervision, legal responsibility, etc., but also includethe requirements for specific products.In addition, GB 19865specifies the related safety requirements for electric toys.



Standard  name


GB  6675.1

Basic code

This  standard specified the   basic safety requirements of toys, implementation and  supervision,   legal responsibility

GB  6675.2

Mechanical and physical properties

This  standard specifies   requirements and test methods for toys intended for use by  children in   various age groups from birth to 14 years

GB  6675.3


This  standard specifies the   categories of flammable materials that are prohibited  in all toys, and   requirements concerning flammability of certain toys when  they are   subjected to a minor source of ignition

GB  6675.4

Migration of Certain Elements

This  standard specifies test   methods and limits of the migration of 8 soluble  heavy metal elements   from accessible materials used in toys

GB 6675.11

Swings, slides and similar activity   toys for indoor and outdoor  family domestic use

This  standard specifies   requirements and test methods for activity toys for  domestic family use   intended for children under 14 years

GB 6675.12

Toy scooter

This  standard specifies safety   technical requirements and test methods for toy scooter

GB 6675.13

Chemical toys (sets) other than    experimental sets

This  standard specified   requirements and test methods for the substances and  materials used in   Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets

GB 6675.14

Finger paints - Requirements and test   methods

This  standard specifies   requirements for the substances and materials used in  finger paints

GB 19865

Electric toys - Safety

This standard  specifies   electrical safety requirements for toys, such as marking and    instructions, power input, heating and abnormal operation, electric   strength  at operating temperature, moisture resistance, electric   strength at room  temperature, mechanical strength, construction,   protection of cords and  wires, components, screws and connections,   clearances and creepage distances,  resistance to heat and fire,   radiation, toxicity and similar hazards, etc.

GB  5296.5

Instructions for use for products of   consumer interest-Part 5:Toys

This  standard specifies the   basic principle of toys’ instruction and other  requirements such as   labeling, form, location, font and size etc.

GB/T 9832

Sewed plush and cloth toys

This  standard specifies the safety   requirements and  test methods for sewed plush and cloth toys

GB/T  30400

Safety and hygiene requirements of   filling materials in toys

This  standard specified the   definition, requirements and testing method for  filling materials in   toys