PSE Mark (Japan Certification)

PSE Certification,Japan Certification...

PSE Mark (Japan Certification)

PSE (Japan Certification) 

From April 01, 2001, Japan “電氣產品控製法(DENTORI” officially renamed“電氣用品安全法(DENAE”, briefly named”Electrical Security Laws” and simultaneously use PSE mark (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials, it will strengthen the punishment rules of importers.

Mainly divide compulsory certified diamond PSE, circle PSE and voluntary certified S-Mark. The electrical products in Japan could be divided specific electrical products (diamond PSE, total 116 items) and non-specific electrical products (circle PSE, total 339 items), PSE application must be authorized by Japan economical verified units (as JET, JQA…) issue the formal certification then proceed Japan procedure by Japanese agents.

*From July 01, 2012, LED lighting products in Japan will be formally involved in the circle PSE.